Once contact with Transfercar is made and your account is set up, a manager will be created to manage the account and will be given a username and password.

To log in:

Visit https://ro.transfercarus.com and log in using your username and password created for you by Transfercar.

You will land on a page with all your listings on and from here you can manage your account. Before listings can be managed however, you need to take a look at your account settings and set up things like, your vehicles, branches and additional managers.

Single and multiple user registration

In some situations it may be advisable to create more than one account. Consider the following two examples:

Example 1: Centralized fleet management
Super-rentals, is a medium/large sized rental car company with a centralized fleet management. They have a dedicated team of 2-3 people responsible for bookings and relocations. They only need one account. 

Example 2: Decentralized fleet management
Rentisus is a franchised based rental car company. While bookings are centralized, relocations are decentralized and left to the responsibility of the individual franchisee, including the cost of relocating the vehicle. Each franchisee should create their own account.