Our new date picker explained

Date picker

You may have noticed that the date picker of our calendar comes in two versions now, depending on the relocation, and you’re wondering why is this?  Here’s a simple explanation:

Typically when you rent a motorhome or campervan, the duration and price of the rental is based on the number of calendar days used, that is for example if you pick up on a Monday at 10 am and drop-off on a Thursday at 10 am, even though you’ve only been on the road for 72 hours, the operator will count 4 calendar days (Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday and Thursday, that’s 4!).

However typically when you rent a car, the duration of the rental is calculated on the number of 24 hours period, therefore in this example the rental will be considered 3 days only.

Our new date picker reflects those two different calculation methods, and the days are either fully colored (calendar day) or half colored (24 hour cycle) to show the difference.